Looking for a tarot card reader?

Tarot card reader Valmy, NV

Tarot is a very ancient oracle system that traces its roots back to the time of the Middle Ages. It is a fascinating oracle, a source of knowledge and wisdom represented in images and much symbolism. The cards can serve as a mirror and act as a catalyst to trigger inner processes. Through the symbols, the cards tell the answers you are looking for.

They can give us insight into our own and others' actions. There is a Magician or High Priestess in each of us. Those who search are ripe for an answer. You can find these answers symbolically represented in the tarot. The representations used on the cards are so universal that interpretations are possible for everyone. We also do tarot reading in Hawthorne and Silver Springs.

Symbols you experience, you are gripped and taken by them, if all goes well they penetrate our deepest being. Our soul "thinks" in images and in this way our soul is nourished. The purpose of the tarot is also not so much to predict the future, but mainly to gain insight into our own, often complicated life patterns.

You are amazed every time how the cards know how to put the wet finger on the right place. You can gain insight about your own actions through the cards. You learn about your life path, about your personality and about your spiritual development. You can also ask the cards certain questions or present the cards with a problem. The outcome can provide insight and hold up a mirror.