Psychic Readings – Are You an Empath or Not?

With the birth of the Internet, many people have been blessed with endless resources on psychic readings, spirituality, and tapping into their sixth sense. One thing that recently has trended around this subject has been deciding on if someone is an empath or not. With the constant stimulation of our cell phones, computers, tablets, and other devices, it’s hard not to think that someone wouldn’t be feeling everything all at once. However, there is a distinct difference between being an empath and being someone that is considered a Highly Sensitive Person, or an HSP. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between the two and how to tell where on the empathic spectrum you might land.

Empaths vs. HSPs

Have you ever suddenly been struck by a strange feeling or emotion, to which you have no reason why you’re feeling it? No external event has caused this feeling, but it’s very clearly present in your mind and body. While this is something that happens to people all over the world, it’s something that happens regularly, and with high intensity, to empaths. Empaths can physically feel what another person is feeling: whether it’s a wave of sadness coming over an individual or a recent injury to their body. Empaths feel the weight of this in their own body, causing many to have issues getting rid of it at the end of a day. Not all empaths do psychic readings, but their intensity in which they feel other’s pain is considered to be an intuitive power to have in that type of setting.

However, this is not the same as being a highly sensitive person. Highly sensitive people are higher on the empathic spectrum than most personality types and do share a lot of the same traits with empaths. However, unlike empaths, highly sensitive people do not feel the pain or emotions from the other person. They’re often very aware of the other person’s ailments or issues, but do not have a physical entrapment of it in their bodies. Highly sensitive people are often able to adequately distinguish their projections and feelings from another person’s as well.

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