What You Should Know About Clairvoyance and Psychic Readings

A common misconception about psychics and mediums is that they can see anything in the past, present, and future. While that is true to some extent, many psychics are not actually mediums, many mediums are not psychics, and many psychics and mediums can share similar traits and abilities without self-identifying as being both. Sometimes, these skills that they have been felt, seen, heard or known indefinitely.  These types of powers are known as clairvoyant abilities, and many psychics experience them in their daily life. Here are some things you need to know about clairvoyance and how it can play into your psychic readings.

What is Clairvoyance?

By definition, clairvoyance is when someone can obtain information from a person, place, or memory visually. Individuals who experience clairvoyance are referred to as “clairvoyants”; however this does not always mean that the individual is also a psychic or medium as well. Clairvoyants are most likely seeing the information they’re getting through their third eye, which doesn’t always translate into them being able to give entire psychic readings based on this information. However, even if the information is presented to them visually, they most likely will be able to provide you with what they have seen about a particular event, relationship, or place. It may not play out to the psychic readings you were looking to have, but it can give you a better insight into your past, present, or future life.

The Many Forms of Clairvoyance

Depending on the person you visit for your psychic readings, they may tell you they have a variety of different clairvoyant abilities. Remember: clairvoyants receive their information through their third eye, which means that it manifests visually for them. However, there are some other ways people can obtain this type of information through other channels, such as:

  • Clairaudience – through sounds and noises
  • Clairsentience – through physical touch and feeling
  • Claircognizance – through a gut-feeling or deep-seeded knowing

Additionally, the person may be able to retrieve their information through a combination of these channels. Each of these areas that they’re able to pull this intelligence, whether it’s just through clairvoyance or through a mix of these channels, is one step closer to helping to give you the knowledge you need to live a full, happy, and exciting life.

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